COVID-19 Awareness


With COVID-19 changing everything around us, your persistence and commitment to a more positive path of growth does not have to change.


Imani Consulting Introduces Telehealth during the COVID-19 outbreak. Telehealth is an inexpensive, fast, easy, and remote way to obtain or continue your clinical services to reduce the impacts of the pandemic. Imani Consulting is still committed to working together to identify, understand, and support you through your daily challenges of life, right from your living room. Contact me for more details. The priority is a safe and healthy you.


COVID-19: Managing Your Stress during the Coronavirus

Even when things seem to be calm around us, reading or watching the news tends to be a little stressful. But when there is a new breaking news headline, every second it brings on a cascade of alarming health scares about the current COVID-19 pandemic, and we can’t help but feel anxious and overwhelmed.

According to Maurizio Fava, MD, Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Massachusetts General Hospital, “excessive anxiety is a common response to situations like this and we need to manage our anxiety as best we can.”

Did you know that there are health risks associated with uncontrollable stress levels? Therefore, it’s important to prevent triggering anxiety or stress that may interfere with our mental health and daily functioning. “Stress can also affect our ability to stay healthy and defend against illness ranging from COVID-19 to a common cold. Stress, immunity, and disease progression are all interrelated.”

Woman jogging on a beach

woman sitting in a yoga pose at sunrise

With many of us quarantined and spending most of our time at home, our daily routine may need altering to keep stress at a minimum. Try incorporating exercise, diet, and sleep into your daily routine to keep stress from getting the best of you.

  • Regular exercise may improve your mood and lessen stress
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Try to eat a healthy balanced diet
    • Greens and fruit
    • Reducing caffeine
    • Decreasing excessive carbohydrate intake

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